An updated daily front page of The New York Times as artwork on your wall

As a news junkie, tech journalist and founder of an online news platform called Blendle, I love a good old front page of a newspaper. When I saw this post about a Google engineer who built an e-ink device that displays the current front page of The New York Times on his wall, I immediately wanted one.

Although Max Braun kindly explains how he built his display, buying an e-ink screen from Asia, using BMP files and pouring concrete for the frame was a bit much for me, so I found an easier (albeit pricier) solution. He writes:

Here’s how I converted my new screen into a piece of journalism artwork.

The New York Times publishes a PDF version of their front page daily. A friend of mine wrote a basic script that converts the PDF into a JPG and copies it to a self-hosted HTML page, which I’ve shared below. The only change required is to the variable “$outputfile”.

Founder of Blendle, University of the Netherlands